Vision & Mission


The Prescott Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society is to be an ever-growing group of singing men, recognized for excellence in the performance of a cappella music in the Barbershop style. They shall be dedicated to celebrating and supporting vocal music in the community and its schools.


As a fraternity of male singers, committed to musical excellence in the performance of Barbershop Harmony, the Prescott AZ Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society:

1. Will promote a fulfilling Barbershop experience for each member through fellowship, the pursuit of excellence in chorus and quartet singing, and involvement in Chapter, Division, District and Society sponsored activities

2. Will encourage the development of vocal and performance skills for each member.

3. Will create a supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere in which men of all ages and abilities can improve their musical skills

4. Will hone members’ performance skills through regular rehearsals, coaching and participation in chorus and quartet competitions

5. Will actively support and encourage the development and promotion of quartets and quartet singing

6. Will actively recruit new members in order to perpetuate the Barbershop style, our Chapter and the Society

7. Will encourage the participation of members in chapter activities

8. Will strive for high quality and engaging entertainment, actively seeking opportunities for public performance

9. Will take a leadership role in preserving and encouraging vocal music in our schools and community, and

10. Will contribute to our local community by participating in community events and offering time, talent and funds to selected institutions and charitable organizations.